Affiliation and Professional Preparation
2019-present Chercheuse Qualifiée at UCLouvain, BE
2019 Adoption leave from May – August
2016-2019 Postdoctoral fellow at UCLouvain, BE, with Profs Caroline Nieberding and Thierry Hance
2015 Maternity leave from June – December
2013-2015 Postdoctoral fellow at Tours Univ, FR, with Dr David Giron
2012 Postdoctoral associate at the Univ of Florida, USA, with Dr Daniel Hahn
2007-2011 PhD student at VU Univ Amsterdam, NL, with Prof Jacintha Ellers
2005-2007 Graduate student at Leiden Univ, NL
2002-2005 Undergraduate student at Leiden Univ, NL
Grants, Awards and Honours
2020 FNRS Projet de Recherche (with Prof. Caroline Nieberding), €272173,-
Ambassador for the Peer Community In
2019 Start-up fund FNRS, €20000,-
Start-up fund UCLouvain, €11500,-
2018 Board member of the Royal Dutch Zoological Society
2017 FNRS Crédit de Recherches grant, €60000,-
2015 Chargée de Recherches fellowship (Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique, F.R.S.-FNRS), €176000,-
MOVE-IN Louvain fellowship (UCLouvain), €45500,- (offered, but declined)
2013 Zoology prize awarded by the Royal Dutch Zoological Society, €1000,-
2012 Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship (European Commission), €201000,-
Rubicon fellowship (NWO, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research), €142000,-
Fondation Fyssen fellowship, €48000,- (offered, but declined)
1st prize for best dissertation awarded by the Dutch Entomological Society, €1000,-
Travel grant (Schure-Beijerinck-Popping Fonds), €2000,- (offered, but declined)
2011 1st prize for best paper published by a PhD-candidate awarded by NERN, €750,-
2010 2nd prize for best talk during EMPSEB, Wierzba, PL
2009 Travel grant (Uyttenboogaart-Eliasen Stichting), €1000,-
2007 Travel and research grant (Leiden Univ Fund), €1000,-
Travel and research grant (Stichting Fonds Dr. Christine Buisman), €250,-
Travel and research grant (Outbound Study Grants), €100,-
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Invited Talks and Conference Contributions (* poster)
2019 Seminar for the Louvain4Nutrition initiative, UCLouvain, BE
Zoology 2019, Groningen, NL
2018 Zoology 2018, Antwerp, BE
Seminar at the Louvain Drug Research Institute, UCLouvain, BE
2017 Seminar at the Department of Zoology, Univ of Cambridge, UK
Seminar at the Department of Integrative Biology, Univ of California, Berkeley, USA
Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting, Lunteren, NL
2016 Seminar at the Biodiversity Research Centre, UCLouvain, BE
2015 Seminar at the School of Biology, Univ of Leeds, Leeds, UK
2014 Seminar at the Institute of Population Genetics, Univ of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, AT
Seminar at the Biodiversity Research Centre, UCLouvain, BE
Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, Austin, USA
2013 Colloque d'EcoPhysiologie Animale, Lyon, FR (plenary lecture)
Seminar at the Silwood Park Campus, Imperial College London, UK
KNDV Symposium Evolutionary physiology – Linking gene to function, Amsterdam, NL
Seminar at the Institut de Recherche sur la Biologie de l'Insecte, Tours Univ, FR
2012 24th Annual Entomology Meeting, Ede, NL (plenary lecture)
Seminar at the department of Biology, Univ of Florida, USA
2011 23rd Annual Entomology Meeting, Ede, NL
2nd Entomophagous Insects Conference, Antibes, FR
2010 16th Annual European Meeting for PhD students in Evolutionary Biology, Wierzba, PL
Workshop on Arthropod Symbiosis, Bad Bevensen, DE*
Seminar at the Evolutionary Genetics group, Univ of Groningen, NL
Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting, Lunteren, NL
2009 1st Entomophagous Insects Conference, Minneapolis, USA
2007 Benelux Congress of Zoology, Amsterdam, NL
19th Annual Entomology Meeting, Ede, NL
Seminar at the Centre for Ecology and Conservation, Univ Exeter, Penryn, UK
Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour, Falmouth, UK*
2006 18th Annual Entomology Meeting, Ede, NL
Research visits
2015 Ecologie Évolutive et Génétique, UCLouvain, BE, with Prof Caroline Nieberding (1 wk)
2014 Ecologie Évolutive et Génétique, UCLouvain, BE, with Prof Caroline Nieberding (1 mo)
Institute of Population Genetics, Univ of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, AT, with Prof Christian Schlötterer (1 wk)
Ecologie du Comportement et Dynamique des Populations, Univ de Lyon, FR, with Prof Emmanuel Desouhant (2 wk)
Terrestrial Ecology, Netherlands Institue of Ecology, NL, with Prof Jeffrey Harvey (2 wk)
2010 Department of Entomology and Nematology, University of Florida, USA, with Dr Dan Hahn (3 mo)
2009 Silwood Park Campus, Imperial College London, UK, MSc course (3 wk)
2007 College of Life and Environmental Sciences, Univ of Exeter, UK, with Dr Zenobia Lewis (3 mo)
2018 Supervision of an Erasmus MSc student, UCLouvain, BE
Research internship supervision of an MSc student, UCLouvain, BE
Job-student supervision, UCLouvain, BE
2017 Job-student supervision, UCLouvain, BE
Lecture series MSc course evolution, UCLouvain, BE
Invited lecture on molecular ecology, UCLouvain, BE
2016 Lecture series MSc course evolution, UCLouvain, BE
Mentor for 6 first year BSc students, UCLouvain, BE
2015 Invited lecture on evolution, UCLouvain, BE
2014 Employment of a research technician (Ingénieur d’Étude), Tours Univ, FR
Research internship supervision of an MSc student, Tours Univ, FR
2012 Supervision of an MSc literature survey, VU Univ Amsterdam, NL
Research internship supervision of 6 BSc and 2 MSc students, VU Univ Amsterdam/Netherlands Institute of Ecology, NL
2008-2010 Lectures/fieldwork for a 1st years Ecology course, VU Univ Amsterdam, NL
2006 Introduction to research for high school students, Leiden Univ, NL
Community Involvement
2007-2018 Referee for BehaviourBioControl, Biological Control, Canadian EntomologistEcological Entomology, Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, Evolutionary BiologyFunctional Ecology, Journal of Experimental Biology, Journal of Insect BehaviorJournal of Insect Science, Journal of Thermal Biology, Peer Community in Evolutionary Biology, Peer Community in EcologyPhysiological Entomology, Scientific Reports & SpringerPlus
2019 Recommender for the Peer Community in Entomology
2018 Recommender for the Peer Community in Evolutionary Biology
PhD thesis jury member of Jennifer Pirotte, UCLouvain, BE
2017 PhD thesis jury member of Loulou Albittar, UCLouvain, BE
MSc thesis committee member (biodiversity and conservation), UCLouvain, BE
2016-17 Organizer of the Biodiversity Research Centre seminar series, UCLouvain, BE
2015 Article in Entomologische Berichten (in English)
Newspaper article in SME (in Slovak)
Newspaper article in NRC Handelsblad (in Dutch)
2013 Symposium organizer Evolutionary physiology – Linking gene to function
Interview and article in Bionieuws (in Dutch)
Article in VU University alumni newsletter (in Dutch)
2012 Article in Entomologische Berichten (in Dutch)
Newspaper article in Trouw (in Dutch)
Interview with Hoe?Zo! Wetenschap on national Dutch radio 5 (in Dutch)
Interview with Nu Al Wakker on national Dutch radio 1 (in Dutch)
Article in Voeding Nu (in Dutch)
Interview and newspaper article in Eindhovens Dagblad (in Dutch)
2011 PhD and postdoc retreat organizer, Gorssel, NL
2010 Newspaper article in De Pers (in Dutch)
Article in Bionieuws (in Dutch)
Interview committee member for a PhD position, VU Univ Amsterdam, NL